JJW Precise purifying Power Supply
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JJW series precise  purifying AC. Power Supply adopts the power regulation technology of sine energy distribution formula, which is advanced in the world and represents the latest development of AC. stabilizing technology. Its circuit is composed of sine energy distributor and large power wave filter by parallelling. It has the advantages as high accuracy of stabilization,strong overload capacity,high efficiency,successively working for long period and long service time etc., it is an ideal replacement for the 614 series electronic voltage stabilizer and magnetic saturating voltage stabilizer, also it can provide a quiet and reliable working environment.
Main Technical Data
Main Technical Data
Phase No.: Single-phase 
Input voltage: 180V~250V                           
Output voltage: 220V±1% 
Frequency: 50Hz±2Hz
Over voltage alarm protection: ≤246±4V
Power source voltage effect: ≤±0.5%
Withstand voltage: >1500V/min
Efficiency: > 90%
Waveform distortion: <5%
Response time: 20ms-100ms
Peak absorption: Input 500V/8x13μs output ≤5V
Ambient temperature: -10 ºC ~+40ºC  
Insulation resistance:  >2MΩ
It is suitable in computer network project,electronic instruments,armarium research institute,measurement and test device,factory test board and so on.

Note:  Special specification can be made according to orders.

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