DJW-WB Micro-controlled Non-contact Compensation Voltage Stabilizer
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Integrating the advance duplex winding compensation mode,non-contact Switch and microcomputer controlled regulating technology. It has the fea-tures of high efficiency and energy-saving, fast adjustment ,three phase automatic balanced no mechanical malfunction or carbon brush wearing, also with the functions of delay,under/over voltage alarm and protection.
    • Adopting the advanced duplex winding compensation technology which ensure little waveform distortion.
    • Adopting one-chip computer to control the thyristor and shifting combination for timing compensation adjustment enable it to realize the fast non-contact adjustment. Strong instantaneous overload capacity makes it available with various loads
    • Adopting one-chip computer split-phase control, it has the functions of delay starting-up, three-phase automatic balance addition adustment,  displayˇ˘alarm and  protection of open-phase,overrun and malfunction etc.
Main Technical Data
Phase No.: Single-phase                                                  
Input voltage: 220V±20%(176~264V)
Output voltage: 220V±2.5%                          
Efficiency: > 95%
Response time: 0.2~0.5s optional                                               
Waveform distortion: ≤2%
Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Load power factor: >|±7|
Instant overloading capacity: 1.5-2 times of the rated current
Ambient temperature: -15°C ~+40°C
Broadcast & Television system, Microwave telecommunication Unattended station,Industrial control system, Computer system, Industrial equipment upporting, Elevator supporting etc. Occasions that requires regulated power source.

Note:  If input voltage 220V±30% required by customers, please specify when rdering. 
           Special specification can be made according to orders.

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